by The Visible Men

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Executive Producer - Scott McLean
Produced by Scott McLean, The Visible Men, Bill Barnett
Mixed by Bill Barnett, Scott McLean, The Visible Men
Recorded and Engineered by Bill Barnett at Gung-Ho Studios, Eugene, OR.


released November 13, 2005

Dan Schmid - Bass, Guitar
Dustin Lanker - Vocals, Keyboards
Jordan Glenn - Drums, Percussion

Also Featuring:
Tim Donahue - Drums (5,7)
Tony Figoli - Drums (6)
Zoot Horn Rollo - Electric Guitar (7)
Michael Roderick - Accordion (6,9)
Adam Wendt - Electric Guitar (6)

All songs written by Dustin Lanker, except 7 written by Schmid/Lanker
All songs arranged by The Visible Men


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The Visible Men

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Track Name: The Toilet Show
Bone dry I am
Pale as pocelain
Chewed away revealing marrow made of gin
I am a sour note
That gets caught in your throat
When you cough me out then I'll begin to float through scenes behind
A growing bitter rind
On the fruits of my mind
And I am far beyond mending
So wave goodbye, its ending
Track Name: Three
The telephone call
That said it all
It was a total surprise
I'm going to be nice
And I'll be throwing rice at your wedding

You and he and the baby make three
Three's always been a scary number to me
Because three is a family
And there isn't any room for me

Everything's changed
I've rearranged
The system inside my mind
I'm going to retreat
And I'll try to delete all my memories
Track Name: Stage Fright
How you present yourself
Affects a great deal
You should know
And it's a stress
Or so I'd guess
Because we never talk about it

It's easy to feel forced
To mask your problems and be strong
It's why we drink
Or so I think
Because we never talk about it

I'm acting confident
But I've never been so much in doubt
And when I find myself
I'll call you so you can come check it out

There's a new me
You'll be glad to see waiting in the wings
Who says all the same things
But backs them up with balls
The problem with that me
Is he has the worst stage fright of all
...But I'm acting confident
Track Name: Animal
Whenever you speak
I read different words in your eyes
I'm taking a peek
At some things you don't even realize
You talk in your sleep
And that's when you laugh and say I am the one you despise
Then you arise
And tell me those white lies

That you don't long for
A bygone paramour
You say he's just an animal
It's just a picture
He's not a fixture
But I bet he's an animal

It's killing my brain
I'm jealous with a touch of paranoid
I'm going insane
When it gets brought up you just get annoyed
I mention his name
If you don't miss him why's it a subject you avoid?
My mind is your toy
And I am your boy droid

You have shaped me
Into what I should be
You made man out of animal
Track Name: In Formation
I have never been one of those people
Who saw what they had and were flaunting it
But now that I realize I've something to offer
I'm stuck here with nobody wanting it

Maybe I'm just getting older, but it seems like my eyes used to shine with intensity
Now when I look in the mirror
I only see one big disastrous propensity

What's the use of all this information?
No excuses, just get in formation

Now I've discovered the love of my life
Is someone that I met a few years ago
I think we could have been happy but I waited
And now it's most likely I'll never know
Track Name: Guilt Trip
Don't give me a guilt trip
That would end our friendship
When I feel like a tyrant
I blow up like a hydrant

Don't tell me you told me
Please don't chide or scold me
I guarantee it's been done
You're surely not the first one

To make me feel awful for
Some things that never made me feel bad before
It does work
And that's what blows
It's gluing my shell closed
Track Name: Paper Cup
While I was in my cell debating
You exercised your need for hating
And now the irreverence you show is unreal

And in the crowd you saw me waving
It gave you the attention you were craving
And now the irreverence you show is unreal

Puking in a paper cup
Below the score
I didn't mean to throw up
But it's not a choice anymore
Track Name: Pinocchio
I'm asking you to stop this shit and save me
I'm sorry that I couldn't have acted more bravely
But I'm drowning in the desert
And I don't know how to walk
It's suicide for a stupid toy who's made of wood and chalk

I know that you can flap your wings and change me
But if you won't
Then pull my strings and play me
I don't want to be a monkey
And I don't want to be a man
But most of all I know I don't want whatever I am

I want to be a real boy

I know you're a decent person
And I don't mean to call you a bitch
But if you have a heart at all you'll grant me this one wish
Track Name: Like A Loony Bird
I'm going
But where I'm going I'm not telling
It's snowing
So let your bloodhounds do their smelling
You won't find me
You can look in any atlas
But you'll probably never guess
I'm under callous

I hate you
I really don't but it sounds funny
Could that be
Because you said it to me honey?
Maybe that's why I won't leave an address forward
And like a loony bird
Migrate northward

Our friendship
You say you're worried that it's waning
We both know
That's not the reason you're remaining
What a liar
You could be a bitchin' actress
But you'll probably never get up off your matress
Track Name: Rest Easy
When there's no one around
And there isn't any sound
I get a special feeling
Don't give up on me
I'm only sleeping on the job
'Cause there isn't any reason
For me not to rest easy

When I try to unwind
The bosses in my mind
Make me dig another
But I got my mind right
Please just don't beat me anymore
'Cause there isn't any reason
For me not to rest easy

I change the station but they always seem to find me
I need a vacation
And I've been patient
I've been patient