In Socks Mode

by The Visible Men

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Executive Producer - J. Scott McLean
Produced by The Visible Men, J. Scott McLean, Bill Barnett
Mixed by Bill Barnett, J. Scott McLean, The Visible Men
Recorded by Bill Barnett at Gung-Ho studios, Eugene, OR., except:
Track 3 recorded by Don Latarski at Crescent studios, Eugene, OR.
Track 5 recorded by Glenn Bonney at Glenn Bonney Recording, Eugene, OR.


released April 26, 2002

Dan Schmid - Bass
Dustin Lanker - Vocals, Keyboards

Also Featuring:
Jordan Glenn - Drums (6,10)
Ryan Sumner - Drums (7)
Tim Donahue - Drums (1,5,8)
Tony Figoli - Drums (2,4)

All songs written by Dustin Lanker, except 3 and 6, written by Lanker/Schmid


all rights reserved



The Visible Men

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Track Name: Dial Tone
It's not the kind of thing that you'd say to a stranger
It could mean anything
Implying comfort or danger

The words play hide and seek inside his head
While he just lays in bed

It's not an injury, but it could be an insult
Given the history it'll end up as his fault

"There's no redemption round"
Someone said into the pay phone
Now all the lines are down and he just talks to the dial tone
Track Name: Core Of The Planet
Down to the core of the planet we inhabit
You didn't say a word
And I enjoyed the ride
There in a room made of granite, I panicked
Even though there was no cause
And you just turned away

But that was only make believe
And sometimes that's just what I need
You were real enough for me
More so than TV
My imagination's better than reality

Daydreaming seems almost tragic
There's no magic when you disappear like smoke
And I sleep on a couch
I wear a mask made of plastic and elastic
To hide the freezer burn
When I can't play your game

'Cause I'm so sick of make believe
In dreams there's nothing to achieve
And you're not real enough for me
Neither is TV
Especially when it doesn't show the shows I want to see
Track Name: Blow Shit Up
This is a prayer for the broken ones
I know we'll make it through
The cracker jack and token ones
Will always step on you

Don't let the bastards make you think you're the one who's insane
They're like cattails on windy days
And when the wind dies down
The dirt and the rocks will remain

Most of the ones we aspire to be
Would be lucky if they were us
'Cause once you get past all their status and cash
There's not really much to discuss
Track Name: $90
I can't relax
It's a mental problem
I can't afford the therapy that I need
'Cause it costs ninety dollars

It's getting worse
I'm lucky if I get
Four hours of sleep in a row
Now I'm beat
And it's still ninety dollars

It makes me laugh
There's not even any irony
Just my old brain being forced to do more
So I'll have ninety dollars
Track Name: Hall Of Fame
I am your man
You're not my girl
And that's okay
'Cause by the time you awake I'll be ten thousand miles away

My self-esteem is so low it appears I don't have any
Which insecurity could you have appealed to?
I've got so many

I'm not the one
I think that you've made that abundantly plain
And I take my place in the loser's hall of fame

I wish you wanted to talk on a semi-regular basis
It's okay I've been around the block
And I've seen all of these faces
Track Name: Strange Hash
Forgive me if I was lazy
It's just because I was crazy about finding out
Why I should be good

But every time I explained it
Nobody once entertained it
They tried to deny my view
When they knew I was right and they might be to blame
Track Name: Poker Face
It can't be true
No I won't listen to you
You're a liar
And your poker face is bad
You act so fake
As if there's nothing at stake
But the ante is all I ever had

But I'm not so gullible anymore
I lost a fortune on you
The eggs and basket are a meaningless cliche
'Cause I dropped them in aisle nine back at the store

Each time I make some kind of stupid mistake
You blame it on the fact that I'm focused on my work
My back's well built
From carrying three years of guilt
And I still make myself feel like I'm a jerk

We should have known the introductory tone
Was volatile enough that it'd make it hard to cope
I'm still in love
My face reads "property of"
And it won't wash off 'cause I can't afford the soap
Track Name: Semen Factory
We're just friends
And that's alright with me
But if you want a family call on me

We're just friends
As happy as can be
Avoiding sexuality is fine with me

'Cause if I really needed sex
I could pay for it
Or if I was a teenage Christian
I might pray for it

I don't care what anyone thinks
I pound my pud like Leon Spinks

We're just friends
And I'm a semen factory
So when you want a family
Call on me

'Cause if I really needed sex
I could beg for it
Or if I were your German shepherd
I'd hump leg for it

I don't care what anyone thinks
I pound my pud like Leon Spinks
In kitchen sinks
Track Name: On The Sidelines
I wait patiently on the sidelines by the field
Everybody's scrambling to get their hands on you
Don't let them fool you
Don't let them tool you
I'll be here

It seems you see me as another stupid boy
In time, when you know me you'll find I'm not the mean
You still ignore me
You must deplore me
I'm still here
Track Name: King Shit
No one is here to receive
The gifts that I've made for them
Why am I always the guest at the party
Who doesn't know anyone?

You might have thought you recognized me
But you were wrong
We've never met
We're not introduced
I just look familiar

But at least I'm the master of my own rat hole
That's right
I'm king shit down in turdland
Everyone worships me
Yeah right
Yeah right

How did I used to be so insecure
But still remain generous?
Now I'm an asshole
And I've only begun
I'm just getting started

I am the king
I wear the pants
I walk the grounds
There is no royal robe but certainly a crown
That stinky ring of brown

You never did really quite comprehend
All that was asked of you
You carried out all my orders as if I were the enemy

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